Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer is making debuts

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In 2014GPRINTER is ceremoniously launching the first thermal transfer barcode printer GP-9034T. Because it has generous design, flexible way of changing paper and simple operation, so it will make people to use it more effectively. What’s more, innovative multiple interfaces (include serial interface, parallel interface and USB interface), industrial grade service life and 300DPI resolution is meeting different connectivity. Therefore, GP-9034T can satisfy various users’ demand in different industries.


The features of GP-9034T are observed as follows:

Printing method: Thermal transfer

Resolution: 300DPI

Printing speed:  2~4inches/s

Max printing width: 81mm

Max Printing length: 1524mm

Length of Ribbon: 300mm

Width of Ribbon: 30mm-90mm

Thickness: 0.0635-0.254mm


The mechanism adopts large gear and a new streamlined structure, to ensure that paper feeding is smoother. The reserved external media feeding and optional external media holder supports 8.4"OD industrial-grade media rolls. Thermal transfer barcode printer can realize HD printing resolution in plain paper, recycled paper, waxed paper, ordinary film, envelope, coated paper, matte-silver paper, label paper and even cloth. 


GPRINTER GP-9034T has excellent quality and beautiful design, can be widely used in many fields, such as jewelry, food, logistics, clothing, medical and manufacturing and so on. However, the consumables selection for GP-9034T printers is more flexible, wider label is optional and the storage period is longer. The useful separate mechanism, whatever thermal transfer and direct thermal printing, both of them are adequate.


We believe that this new product will promote the further development of receipt printer industry.

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