Application of barcode printers in manufacturing industry

Whether you want to track the materials in factory or materials in whole supply chain, Gprinter's solutions can provide accurate identity for you. Our printers and labels can meet the demands of different conditions,they can adapt to extreme temperatures and humidity,against chemical erosion,anti-knock, shock resistance. They can help you manage materialstrack the process of manufacturecontrol the quality and provide information for you to identify products, optimize manufacture and information stream. 

Gprinter's abundant product lines can meet all your demands for label printing,the printers with high resolution can print mini barcode label for circuit board and small parts,and high-speed printers and industrial printers can make labels in standard size and big size.

Application of barcode in production line:

In the process of automatic assembly production and the processing we stick barcode labels on the main parts, then the barcode readers collect and translate the information of barcode, and transfer to the database of computer servers. Every products and main parts have unique barcode, no matter where are the products we can track them. If quality problems arose, just read the barcode on the warranty card you can know all the information of the product, it’s very convenient to track the quality and provide after-sales service.


1.Quality tracking:

Recording and tracking the information of products and main parts, including production sitedata of manufactureproduction lineedition number of PCB boardlot numbers and serial numbers, quantity of materials, operators and machine numbers, so that to build perfect traceability----you can track all the materials from the products.

2.Material’s cost control:

To generate the unique serial numbers for all production materials, stick barcode label, and to build the strict system to control picking materials.With help of bill of material , we can divide the production plan into the material plan, and reasonably calculate allowance of material,control deviation of material and finished products.

3.Operating time’s control:

With help of scanning operators’numbers and machine numbers we can record the working time of every operators, after statistics and analysis we can calculate deviation of actual operating time and standard operating time.


4.Production statistics:

With help of scanning finished products’ serial numbers and barcode of main parts system finishes statistics of output  and materials automatically, at the same time it calculates rates of inferior products.

5.Piecework statistics 

Piecewage is popular with a lot of companies,piecework statistics is a tedious work. With help of barcode label and production list you can calculate the quantity of every workers’finished products easily and affix the responsibility for inferior products.


6.Production scheduling:

According to specific conditions we can amend the production scheduling and manage production taskorderbatchwork order and so on.


7.Product files:

In order to build product files, which contain information about product processingComponent configuration and data of quality testing, barcode can help us collect data.

8.Inquiry of processing information:

In traditional factories materials’inquiry is based on operating by hands, they just input production reportsreceipts and Forms data into computer, and then obtain information.But this way can not ensure that inquiry is real-timeaccurate and comprehensive.Using barcode technology to input various basic inquiries to ERP system, because of collection of data from production line in real-time, it guarantees real-time inquiry, at the same time thanks to resource sharing guarantee consistency of inquiryAnd thanks to the inquiry is from whole process, including preparing materialsworkingassemblequality controlpackinginstock and so on, it guarantees accurate and comprehensive inquiry.


Over the years Gprinter provides barcode resolutions to various clients from manufacturing industry, not only helps our clients save labor costreduce inferior products and improve productivity, but also the managements improve managerial effectiveness in real-time.

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