Application of barcode printer in warehouse management

Introducing barcode technology in warehouse management is benefit for automatic data collection of each operations including arrival inspections, instockoutstocktransfersmovementinventory and so on. This ensures that the input data is  efficient and accurate, guarantees that enterprises can correctly master the real data of storage in time and reasonably keep and control storage. By making unique barcode, it is very convenient to manage the batches of productsshelf life and so on.

Collection of initial information----- First of all analyse data base in the system and identify all the products by using barcode, the barcode printesr print the labels with barcode and barcode serial number, every barcode contains products’ information, including the name of productspecificationsquantity,  barcode serial numberdata of storagedelivery and so on.


Purchasing management------After purchasing goods and put in storage, user needs to print barcode label for this batch of products by using barcode ptinter, this step helps to collect iinitial information, and then the scanner scans the serial number on warehouse receipt, when the purchasing receipt will be saved, system will automatically add this product into storage.

Storage management-----In software system of storage management, at first user will complete collection of initial information, after receiving the goods system will automatically add storage.After delivery from warehouse, system  will automatically reduce storage.Parity transfers will not produce effect on the storage. Therefore just outstock and instock can produce effect on the storage, and administrator can check the storage of every model at any time.

Sales management------ When the goods are being delivered from warehouse, administrator scans the barcode on the bill of sales, after saving the bill of sales, system will automatically reduce storage of this product.


Advantages of warehousing system:

1.Accuracy rate up to 100%
a)Every operation must be tested to avoid errors


2.Reduce labor costs

a)There is no need for warehouse operators to spend time on searching products.

It is no need to input mass of data by hand.


3.Improve service quality

a)Check the status of order in real time.

b)Avoid delay of order.


4.Reduce storage

a)The instock’s good will be listed on the bill of sales immediately.

b)Avoid excessive storage.

c)Reduce verification of storage.


Warehouse management is one of the modern management measures. Barcode technology guarantees efficiency of operation in warehouse, fully uses the space in warehouse, quickly provides clients with the high quality service and get more economic benefits.

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