Telecommunication &  Electronic Industry

Gprinter is always specializing in providing durable label marking solutions for telecommunication and cable applications industry. In the wiring system, the frequent changes of the network application often cause the connections moving, increasing and changing. However, when there is no mark or inappropriate mark is used, a heavy cost and energy must be absolutely paid for maintenance and management of cable markings. Normally, the establishment and maintenance of identification system runs throughout the whole process of wiring construction, use and maintenance. A good marking will essentially power the wiring system, it’s no doubt that will be convenience for the workers and promotes their efficiency and accuracy.

In wiring operation, it’s necessary to provide some markings on wire & cable, tubing and terminals, it positively requires the identification on both ends of wire & cable with strict operation, and even a marking should be identified at intervals along the cables, especially in the position of maintenance, joints and traction box. Certainly, all markings must be persisted, clear, clean and user-friendly.

Wire &Cable identification is the equivalent of permanent marking, the service life of label markings must be consistent with that of wiring system to meet the requirement of permanent identification. Therefore, thermal paper and direct thermal printing method will not be adopted simply which cannot keep label markings in a long-term preservation. The label marking is completely adapted to some harsh environments with many markets demanding such as moisture proof, intense temperature resistant and scrape resistance etc. To the raw material and printing applications, cable label markings must come with tensile, flexible, waterproof and scratch resistance performances, which can display durable graphics and content by thermal transfer printing technology, and it will prevent label blur and peel off in the condition such as label markings bending and deformation. These labels with materials of PE ethylene protective film and PP Polypropylene are mostly recommending for wire &cable markings which can be easily applied on cable surface due to their softness and durable performance.

That's why thermal transfer barcode label printer is the preferred choice for telecommunications and cable industries. Label markings virtually eliminate errors caused by manual data collection to ensure accurate information. This will improve the productivity and effectiveness of telecommunications companies and reduce errors. In general, the result of high revenue and lower expense is a better requirement of label markings management.

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