Application of two-dimension code in medical industry

As the two-dimension code is used in fields wider and wider, from daily life to various industries, everywhere we can see two-dimension code. Now it is warm welcome in medical industry, below let me introduce how two-dimension code is used in it. 

Patients'  records

The records of the patients'  basic information is including name, age, blood type, ID number, emergency telephone numbers.),  treatment history, allergic history and so on., it helps doctors to know patients’ situation comprehensively. Especially this application is adapted to emergency patients and the aged, just by scanning the two-dimension code doctors can confirm the detailed information of patients, complete in-patient admission and give first aid. It is not only high efficient but accurate so that it could save valuable time to give first aid for patients.


In addition, in case of transferring to the other hospital, patient data, including medical history, treatments, treatment made by injury type, place, treatment status, can be made into two-dimension code, routed to the next hospital for treatment. And all the information can be read by two-dimension code at once, it can reduce unnecessary manual input, avoid errors caused by human.

Reducing the errors of health-care workers

First, so as to avoid confusion, application of two-dimension code in tracking the test items is used more. Second, within 100 meters around the sickbed, drugs and devices are moved oftenalso usually one nurse looks after a dozen patients, how to reduce errors? Now in this situation two-dimension code is very useful. If on the wrist strap of patients have a two-dimension code, the patients can be identified correctly. Meanwhile, the corresponding two-dimension codes are sticked on medicine and testing containers. All these can help us to avoid human errors.


Assets management 

Materials and finance management is a serious problem in hospitals, it's feasible to apply the bar code technique in materials management especially the high-value medical consumables which are used in operating room, it can bring more substantial economic benefits for hospital.

No matter in reception centerhospital bedsdrugstore or other places, Gprinter’s technology bar code solutions provide basic security for patients in health care industry. Correctly identifying patientsmedicinesamplesmethod of treatmentexperimental result and record can improve the quality of medical work. Hundreds of hospitalslaboratoriesclinics use Gprinter’s solutions to ensure all the activities depend on correct data.

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